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Can’t sign into Xbox Live but Internet is fine?


My internet is working absolutely fine and my xbox says I’m connected to the internet when I test it, but I can’t sign on? Also, the time it takes to diagnose that it can’t sign on after pressing ‘connect to xbox live’ is significantly longer than when there actually is no internet.

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  1. hey im curious i tried to download my profile and it wouldnt now my profile is no longer on my xbox.do i lose all my stats and levels etc on MP online? such as future soldier?

  2. Its not just you its everyone. Even here in the US. My speculation is when they went to update the marketplace for Hearthfire (Skyrim) and the latest BF3 update something went wrong (i.e. misplaced character) and shut everything down. I HIGHLY doubt that XBL was hacked. Sony/PSN just had super shitty security and hackers did it to prove a point. (you get what you pay for I suppose) XBL was not hacked (and if it was there would have been a press release on twitter or fb or some other site by now and I have yet to find one. I’ve been looking since it went down)

    It should be back up soon once everything gets sorted out on their end. Just be patient and go outside, read a book, or something for an hour or two and check back. (if its not up repeat the process)

    :Edit: @Michael Your profile and everything should be fine I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  3. Same here in Germany, Italy, Sweden Korea and canada. Its worldwide. Some say its hacked, some say its because too many people tried to download the skyrim-download. I hope its workin again fast.

  4. unplug it.

    Bring to the backyad and lay it down.

    Then get a baseball and jst fcuking smash it.

    Then bring it inside and plug it back on to see its working or not.

    If it not then unplug it again buuut thiss time bring it and lay it on the roads where theres no cars.

    Then get your car keys.

    Then hop in the car.

    Turn motor on thenn.


    Then it would work good as neeeeewwww.

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