Home Playstation Forum i made a home made xbox360 mod and i did all soldering...

i made a home made xbox360 mod and i did all soldering but when i push button in it just wrks normal not rapid?


all soldering is correct when i push button it only works as normal trigger help please asap.

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  1. why did you make a home made box for your crap box is it due that your embarresed of your xbox and you wanted a ps3 instead, due to you know now that the ps3 is a lot beter machine

  2. If all soldering is correct, then it should work correctly, no? You’re asking about help modifying a system that we cannot see, so we couldn’t possibly give you help. Link a picture to your work, at least, or give us indication as to what modification you were attempting to do.

  3. im guessing you’re talking about a controller mod? If so, just go on Youtube and see what you did wrong. If you did everything right, then maybe xbox fixed it? (if you have a new controller)

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