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My PS3 won’t turn on?


I recently moved my PS3 from a 42inch HD tv in my living room to a regular 32 inch TV with HDMI on both I used a HDMI cable to connect my PS3. At the start the 5 seconds reset thing worked to get the screen working but now no matter how many times I try now nothing pops out on the screen. There is no yellow light so I doubt its overheated.

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  1. try holding it from when it turns on until it turns off again. do the same again except the 2nd time u should hear 2 beeps. if a menu pops up, your PS3 should be working, but there may be something wrong with the software. if you choose restart PS3 and everything works again, good. If not, do the same thing again and start choosing items on the list carefully, as they may mess up the things you have on ur PS3. if i didnt answer your question, it is cuz i didnt quite understand what u were asking.

    EDIT: 2 beeps in A ROW i meant.

  2. There can be a lot of reasons why it won’t turn off, but I don’t think it’s the PS3 itself that’s causing this. Just to double check, plug your PS3 into another TV.

    Plug it back into your 32 inch TV. Make sure all the cables are properly connected. If that doesn’t work, check if your outlet is working (you can use a nightlight to check easily).

  3. if the light on the playstation turns on then the playstation is turning on and thats not the problem. its the tv or the connection between the tv and the playstaion

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