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XBOX 360 – Brutal Power in Elegant Look


Combining the exasperating 20 GB of hardware memory with a stylish design is the main characteristic of the irresistible Xbox 360.

Let’s put a word about the beautiful design. The front console brings highly aesthetic pleasure, its colours being the posh white, silver and black. What’s more: the faceplates are removable and the whole front console can be removed and designed however you choose. There are also professionally designed faceplates on sale, which would suit every taste. The memory card slots are almost invisible , and when the cards are inserted, they don’t stick out, making for even more elegant look. The USB ports can both be easily hidden by a small port for the wireless. The power button emits a surrounding ring of soft light. The ring is divided in several quadrants that change colour to provide information, for example if someone is inviting you for a game. The console has a concave appearance, its form being similar to an hourglass. The hard drive smartly fits into its slot on the top of Xbox 360. When connected to the console, it retains its natural look.

The aesthetic delight isn’t everything. Let’s say a bit about the power. Xbox 360 has solved the philosophical problem of form and function. Its capacity ,hidden into the elegant shape, is tremendous. The processing unit runs almost at the speed of light, being a combination of three processors that run at 3.2 GHz each. The custom ATI graphics processor uses a formidable 500 MHz speed. The RAM of Xbox 360 is eight times bigger than the original Xbox: the invincible 512 MB. The hard drive is neglectfully small, having the infinite space of 20 GB. You can download so much on this free space, that have games enough to play on for the next decade. The 48 parallel pipelines in the GPU make Xbox 360 the most significant achievement in game technologies so far. All games are optimized for the 16:9 windscreen viewing ratio. Games must be authored for 720p and 1080i.

What more can I add if not TRY IT! Xbox 360 can break a gamer’s heart with its perfection. It is the future plugged in your home, an alien plate crashed on your windscreen. Xbox 360 sets a new standard that will be hard to reach, it is the wildest dream of everyone, devoted to games.

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