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PS PLUS Specials – PS4 FREE THEME – PS4 Game Deals NA


PS PLUS Specials FREE THEME & PS4 Game Deals US NA PS PLUS march 2017 instant game collection will be announced tomorrow! PlayStation News Daily with MonkeyFlop
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PS PLUS Specials - PS4 FREE THEME - PS4 Game Deals NA

7 best games PS4 has to offer right now


  1. monkey please help me im french and i really need help! I can't enter the ps store i have the WS-37397-9 ERROR. Can you help me please ?

  2. Lol did anyone else saw master chief today on the ps store haha they removed it tho it has a minion now lol

  3. I kind of wish we would get all the .hack// and Xenosaga games on the PS2 Classics section but sadly we probably never will considering how expensive the physical copies are now.

  4. Says more negative things about inFamous Second Son than positive but it still makes it on to top 7 best games so far on PS4

  5. towerfall ascensuon…. wtf is happening that this shit is existing on ps4 i dont know which bastards are playing games like this… we are not living in 1988

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