Home Videos 7 Days to Die | PS4/Xbox one “Survival Guide” Day #1

7 Days to Die | PS4/Xbox one “Survival Guide” Day #1


7 Days to Die | PS4/Xbox one


  1. Bow Crafting Tip: Make a shit ton of wood clubs on your first night and scrap them, they cost 10 wood, you get 7 back and it increases the level of the bow as well.

  2. thank you really help me a lot when i started playing a had a really hard time play this but now i am geting better thank you a lot

  3. Is 7 days to die worth to buy for ps4? I'm thinking of buying it. I'm just looking for a good survival zombie game in which you have to search for the basics (food etc.) and that it contains free roam (not only missions). I've already played Dying Light.

  4. My first day on it, before i even built a base, i saw an airdrop, ran and got some stock stuff with antidote and shit

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