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Battlefield Hardline – Review


Battlefield Hardline - Review


  1. Just bought it on ps4 for 5 bucks and after a day i already regret it lol. Dont know who would ever play this over bf4

  2. this game is much, much better than people give it credit for I mean the SP campaign is solid and the MP is fun !!!

  3. I really like Hardline, but it simply shouldn't carry the Battlefield title. It's not a Battlefield game.

  4. these gamespot guys can be so anoyng, we get the badge thing, but he keeps mentionging it… what about the fact that nathan kills 300 hundred armed dudes, then his wife comes and kill some more, inst that more ridiculous than the badge thing?

  5. You all are crazy, the campaign is really fun. Some missions even gave me an old school James Bond 007 vibe. Also play on Veteran, other modes are INSANELY EASY.

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