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Can a Playstation 2 connect to the Internet?


My Playstation 2 has a Network plugin at the back of it. Can I connect it to the Internet with the plugin? I have the cable for it.

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  1. If you mean surfing the internet, then no.

    But you can use it to play other people online. The only catch is that the game must be online enabled AND the company that makes the game must have a server up and running. Most online games are no longer online because companies have stopped supporting online play.

  2. Yes you can. The ps2 does not have a built-in web browser, but you can play games online. As long as you have an internet connection, all you need to do is connect the ps2 to your router or modem, or whatever the appropriate ethernet port is for your connection.

    You may need to tweak the settings a bit. If your ps2 came with the network setup disc, it should be easy enough. It has basic tools to optimize your connection. The network setup utility is also on many online-capable ps2 game discs as well.

    If your connection is DHCP (dynamic, where you don’t have to have a static IP address) the connection is particularly easy.

    You can also of course connect your ps2 to a LAN if you have one.

    Network setup discs are easy to find if you don’t have one, at the worst maybe 5 bucks on a major auction site.

    Some online games that have developer-maintained servers have discontinued online play. Others like Battlefield 2 are still going strong. Still others, like Star Wars Battlefront, have user-maintained, PC-dedicated servers and will be online-capable as long as there’s anyone interested in playing them.

  3. Yes you can as long as you have the ps2 network adapter and the set up disc, you’re good to go! For more information click the link below!

    I assume you the PS2 series 7000 slim PS 2!

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