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how do I save up money for a ps3 when I’m just 13?


Okay well I’m about to turn 14 in February the 11th, and all I really want is super smash bros brawl,so now I’m concedering about just having like a big party and I’ll just tell people to give me money. After all on my sister’s b-day she got over $600(she turned 15 btw)

Another solution I have is that I start looking for a job as soon as I turn 14, and I really want a ps3!!

I’m kind of tired of haveing just a wii it’s fun and all ,but I mean I can get a game that’s more funner and with better graphics on the ps3. Like svr08 for example I got it for xmas and I really found out all the downsides it has and how much it’s lacking from the other consoles, and that really dissapointed me because I’m a huge wwe fan.

So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to share?

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  1. get a job at mcdonalds or some place.

    I got my ps3 when they were still really expensive and I had to work for four months on minimum wage to get my ps3 but it was well worth it!

  2. tell the people giving you money for your birthday what you’re saving for and how much it costs. if you normally get presents from some family members and they don’t even ask, make sure and tell them in advance that way they can know you’re trying to get the money instead.

  3. Assume you get only $200 for your bday so you guess low just in case. You’re only $200 away then from the PS3 40gb. Allowance and doing chores around the house should earn you some money, right?

    Tell your parents your GOAL is to get a PS3, and they will be glad to help you reach your goal, imo. That is a parents job, to help their children learn responsibility and reach their goals. Just remember, they will help you but you’ll have to be responsible and do what they ask, or they may not help you reach your goal as fast.

    Good luck!

  4. I truly do not recomend a PS3 at all but if you really want it try getting a paper route and ask for money for christmas and your birthday you should have enough money within a year

  5. Ask your parents if you can do some stuff around the house to make some money on the side. Also, if you know any of your neighbors, ask them if you can do something for them and they could just pay you some money. Just to give you an example, Several years ago when one of my neighbors went out of town for a week, they paid me to feed their dogs and pull up weeds out of their garden.

    If you get an allowance each week, just start saving some of that money up. It really doesn’t take much to save up for a PS3. If you just save $100 dollars a month, you can get a 80GB PS3 in 5-6 months.

    And if you’re sister got $600 dollars just for her birthday, you should get at least $400-$500 if she got that much money. And if you get that much money, just spend it all on the PS3.

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