Home Playstation Forum how to boast my ps3’s wifi.?

how to boast my ps3’s wifi.?


i have a ps3 and im getting a WIRELESS conection from somebody i dont know. it have 40 to 55 signal streathgh and im wondering how you get make the conection strounger.help me if you can

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  1. I also use my neighbor internet because is free. Here what I do. I find out where its coming from and move my ps3 close to the hot spot and put my ps3 upright. And I should get a good connection. There nothing wrong with using neighbor internet in fact I’m using it right now. My ps3 get good connection on Call of Duty games and Medal of Honor.

  2. You shouldn’t be accessing somebody’s Wi-Fi connection without their consent. It could be costing them a lot of money if you keep using it plus there are a host of security issues because this is clearly an unsecured wireless network.

    Anyway, as it is somebody elses connection, probably a neighbour, then I’m guessing the signal is just weak because it is having to travel through walls (a pretty thick wall if it’s your next door neighbour in a semi-detached house).

    The only way to resolve this I would say is to place your PS3 directly against the wall nearest your neighbours house or ask them if you can run a cable through their wall into your house.

    @AznOnCloud9: It may be free for you but not free for your neighbour. In fact it could cost them extra if they have set monthly download limits. If you go over this, their ISP may start to charge them for each extra Mb or Gb, things can get incredibly costly and they won’t like you for it!

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