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If Xbox One X is $500 – How Much Will Next-Gen Consoles Cost?


If Xbox One X is 0 - How Much Will Next-Gen Consoles Cost?

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  1. So if we're talking generations, the 9th generation is Nintendo Switch, PS5 (tentative), Xbox, and Atari right?

  2. WTF gamers are complaining about? GTFO, build your own PC or stick with xbox one S which is good in its own right. God damn. gamers are sometimes annoying as F.

  3. Oh trust me, they absolutely didn't skimp on the price and are probably taking a pretty big loss. Building a computer of this kind of performance using entirely new parts from retailers, after sales and rebates, would be in the $800 to $900 range. That's excluding things like the Wireless Card, UHD Blu Ray Drive, Mouse, Keyboard, Operating System, and Liquid Cooling. It's also not taking into consideration the size of the One X in comparison to a self built rig or the fact that the One X will do 4k gaming for half the energy cost of a build using off the shelf parts of equivalent performance.

  4. the next gen console will cost between, £300 and pretty much £unlimited, depending on the parts you get, oh wait.

  5. Generations are over. Consoles are getting incremental upgrades. Next-gen console = locked down proprietary PC with overpriced games and pay for online play.

  6. 2019 or 2020 would make sense for a PS5.

    Release it at $499 or $450, have it stand at that price for the first 6 months to a year then start price cutting it bit by bit during holidays. It's how consoles always go.

  7. Consoles with built in screens like a laptop would be great to have, or atleast a chassi that is able to hold any 20~ inch screen, a modular setup where you can replace your screen at any time.

  8. so wt would happen if a year later ps5 comes wt microsoft is to give 3shits abt da xbox one x and strt wrkng on the new one dt would suck fr ppl who did OT or saved dere hard earned money to buy dis thing cus lets be honest any true gammer with money will go the PC route

  9. So if the X is $499 and a 4K is whatever depending on how nice of a tv you want at what price point are we better off just switching over to PC? If I were to spend say $1000 is that a decent PC vs the X or no?

  10. Every1 is bitching on consoles but still PC doesn't have even ONE, ONE fucking single exclusive which could stand against console exclusives. And Im not talking about this generation but since the fucking beginning. Just compare pc games world to console universum. PC is a fucking joke.

    LOL PS4 has shity technicals in compare to even shity PC, has not even full 2 TFLOPs but show me something graphically better on PC than Uncharted 4, The Order, Horizon Zero Dawn or Driveclub ??? Better be grateful to M$ that allowed you to play in games from XBOX ONE because you will never play in PS4 exclusives. ALL PC MUSTARD RACE. FUCK OFF IDIOTS !!!

  11. I have a ps4 but i still remember that the Xbox one at launch costed $500 because of the kinect…without the kinect it dropped to $400…so..why complaining.. and i rather spend $100 or $200 more for a pc that runs games at close to 4K with 60fps..

  12. The PS3 was $600? $700? at launch IF you could get one, 1k+ if not? Shouldn't be complaining about a $500 console… lol

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