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PS2 Slim? Whats the good side and the bad side of the slim?


Already have a 60GB ps3 BUT IT DOESNT WANNA PLAY ANY PS2 GAMES!! UGH!! THE SCREEN GOES BLACK BUT I HEAR THE GAME STARTING IN THE BACKGROUND!! *brain damage* Aha back to the question.Wats the good and bad side of the slim ps2?

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  1. Good:

    Plays PS2 games.

    Has ethernet port built in.

    Has IR reciever for universal remotes built in.


    No fan, so system might overheat with extended use, particularly in a house with multiple cats/dogs.

    Software emulation for PS1 games.

    No hard drive slot, so FF XI cannot be played on it.

  2. Ok the good side is that it’s light and portable, and easier to use.

    Now, on to the bad side. I have the big Ps2, and it can use a hardrive instead of memory cards. The slim Ps2 needs memory cards.

    Ps3: My friend has a 60 GB, Ps2 plays great and fine. My other friend has a 40 GB: can’t play Ps2.

  3. Over the PS3?

    Good: very small, light and portable.

    Bad: requires hideously expensive cards (15-20 dollars for 8mb?!)

  4. i had a thick ps2, it kinda died after a whileso i got the slim, much much better

    and i was able to pick up a 64mb mem card for 25 dollars from walmart

  5. Why not send it to Sony or try and repair it? Anyway, You want to get the slim PS2, not the thick.

  6. good sides its everywhere not hard to find and its slim

    bad sides it cost so much more than the bulky ps2 which can be found at a pawn shop for like 30 bucks. also no hard drive capabilities for slim ps2.

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