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The new PlayStation Store?!!?


Why is it sooo slow and ugly why the f would u have that type of reedem codes n dont even talk about the searching omg its soooo fd up i used to love the other one it was great n easy how can i make sony change it back?or just me? atleast give me an choice of turning it gåy

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  1. Well Timmy fact is the PS Store sucks donkey balls. No longer can you simply find movies that you want to rent on a Rent only search and no longer can you look by network for the TV Show you watch.

    If you want to search for a Add On don’t think you can search via the game you can look via Cars, Shooters, Levels and other stupid things I’ll never use. Bottom line someone in Sony had some sort of relationship with the Anti Christ who used to run the failed Games for Windows Live which spawned NGE and replaced the Xbox Dashboard and Windows 8 which looks like a * load of *.

    Bottom line the new PS Store looks like * and they’ve most likely silenced distentor employees with the typical bull * Office Manager line “going forward”

    If you’re a boss who uses the term “going forward” I hope your employees punch you in the face. But anyways * the new PS Store.

    Thank you and good night

  2. i like it but my problem with it isnt the stores fault, but the ps3’s. whenever i try to install a game, it asks for a psp to be connected and i still cant install it. it is starting to make me rage aswell 🙁

  3. The design of the whole PSN is awful if you ask me especially since Sony had started on the concept during the PS2!

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