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This is for You Flash Funk?


what is this for then it only have 2 cables and the other ones has like 6 [url is not allowed]

what is the for and what is the difference from [url is not allowed] and [url is not allowed]

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  1. Unless you have a top of the line TV get the first one. That one will work the best and is a reasonable price. Good luck.

  2. its just a different kind of hd cable. its a vga cable. same quality. the cables in the second picture are the same as the ones that come with your xbox. the 6th cable is an s-video cable. s-video is not HD. the vga cable sends video thru one plug, the component sends video thru 3, both have 2 audio plugs. if you want to play ur xbox 360 in HD, you need an HD TV. then put the component (red, blue, gree) cable that came with ur xbox into the component video inputs on ur tv. then put the red and white cables in to the audio inputs on the tv right next to the red, blue, green ones. then flip the switch on the base of the xbox cables from tv to hdtv. then go to display settings on the 360 dashboard and change ur video settings to HD and to whatever resoultion ur tv is (720p, 1080p)

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