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Xbox One Audio and Video Setup


Xbox One Audio and Video Setup

Xbox One Media Remote - Hands On


  1. bruh.. wtf are those camera skills, i couldnt even pay attention to the video b/c my eyes were to attracted to the cringe. lmfao

  2. I’m kinda late to this video but my Xbox says it’s connected to the audio receiver but the sound still comes out from the tv speakers

  3. I have a Samsung WH-K450 sound bar and I can't use the optical option for it as I'm using it for my headset. I've tried HDMI's & AUX cords, but nothing is working. Was going to call Samsung and question them about it, but figured I'd land my question here first.

  4. I don't get it with the Audio Receiver Box, the sound comes out of my TV Speakers so I don't have a Audio Receiver Box and no code at all.

  5. AWESOME! I completely forgot how to do this and contacted Microsoft 3 times over 1 1/2 for this issue and each time I got someone who was worse than the last. I watched this and was done in less than 4 minutes! Life saver!

  6. Yes I do believe you can use it to just control the volume on your tv instead of an audio receiver. An audio receiver is basically the device you plug everything into for a home audio system.

  7. Question: Does it have the capability to change TV channels or will I still need my television remote, I am aware you need a certain TV in order to turn on both system and device, but can I get the Xbox remote to function in a situation in which I wanted to change TV channel. Using the TV App in the Microsoft Store Via Xbox! Someone please help, this would determine whether or not I am buying the product.

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